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April 5th 2017 Science and Technology Current Affairs

A New Crab Species found in Kerala

  • A new species of crab was discovered by scientists in western ghat region in Kerala.
  • The crab is arboreal a tree dweller and long legged and is named as Kanimaranjandu.
  • First Kani tribe people in WesternGhats of Kerala sighted these crabs, and so these are named after them.
  • The unique feature of this crab is their elongated walking legs which are not present in any other crab species.
  • They typically live on large trees and large trees are essential for their living.
  • This suggests the importance of large trees in the forest

Australian Scientists Developed ‘Super Laser’

  • Researchers developed a method to amplify the power of laser by using diamond.
  • This laser will have high-stakes applications in various industries, especially in defense.
  • These high-power lasers will become an important tool in the future space research.
  • Till now heat generation during high power laser generation is ahurdle.
  • This hurdle was overcome by the usage of the diamond.
  • Diamond one of the bad conductor of heat easily dissipates the waste heat generated during the process of super laser generation.

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