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March 31st 2017 Science and Technology Current Affairs

Wired Broadband Connectivity of 1 Giga Byte Per Second (Mbps) Speed Launched in Hyderabad

  • ACT Fibernet launched 1 Giga byte per second (Mbps) speed wired broadband connectivity in Hyderabad.
  • Hyderabad has become the India’s first city to get access to the oneGbps speed internet.
  • A recent study on internet speeds in different cities in India has shown that the Hyderabad is on top with 6.5 Mbps download speed and 4.5 Mbps upload speed.
  • Chennai occupied second place with average download speed of 5.2Mbps and 3Mbps upload speed.
  • In the world, India ranks second in the number of internet users followed by China.
  • However, regarding internet speed, India is not listed in top ten countries.
  • The average speed of Internet in our country is only 2.5 Mbps
  • With an average Internet speed of 29 Mbps, South Korea ranks first and Finland ranks tenth with 17.7 Mbps average internet speed.

Single Actuator Wave-like Robot (SAW)

  • Scientists developed a tiny,snake-like, ingestible 3D-printed robot.
  • This robot will move in a wave-like motion and can easily travel through squishy environments.
  • This robot can navigate through the small intestines, and so it can be used to visualize the digestive system in real time.
  • The external shape of this robot looks like a 2D projection of a rotating helix which can help to move continuously like a moving
  • The direction of this robot can also be reversed by reversing the direction of the rotation of the motor.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)

  • MRO has completed a50,000th orbit around the planet Mars this week.
  • It has takenthe most sharp-eyed global coverage by a camera on the red planet, Mars.
  • This orbiter possesses a powerful camera called MRO’s Context Camera (CTX).
  • It provides animage with high clarity andresolution making a balance with the image file size. The images taken by the camera has a resolution of about six meters per pixel.
  • Till now it is the best resolution taken by any camera.
  • The images taken by this camera have covered almost 99.1 percent of Mars geographical area which is equivalent the geographical area of our planet Earth.
  • This orbiter mainly aimed tomakediverse science observations on Mars.
  • It also provides communications-relay service for the two active Mars rovers, Opportunity,and Curiosity.
  • The observations made by this orbiter will help in choosing best and safe site on the planet for future landing or any other experiments.
  • The images provided by this orbiter also helped the scientists to estimate the probability or rate of impact of asteroids on the planet by studying the crater formation.
  • This orbiter was launched in a spacecraft in 2005 and in March 2006, itentered an elongated orbit of Mars.
  • After that the orbiter to revise its orbit it had spent several months using the friction with Mars’ upper atmosphere.
  • MRO started its operations in November 2006at altitudes of 250 to 316 kilometres from the surface of the planet.
  • On March 27, the mission has completed its 50,000th orbit.
  • Even after 11 and a half years in flight, this spacecraft is still healthy and remained fully functional.

Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS) in India

  • Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba, inaugurated the first-ever ‘Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS)’ at INS Rajali.
  • The IAAMS project of the Indian Navy aims to modernize the meteorological infrastructure of all the nine Naval Air Stations (NAS).
  • It focuses mainly on the automation of weather monitoring processes.
  • This project will give a major boost to aviation safety, as automation of weather monitoring process will help in real time during the navigation of planes.
  • INS Rajali is situated at Arakkonam Tamil Nadu was chosen for setting up this sophisticated system.
  • It also acts as ‘Test Bed’ site in which its reliability, performance, and functioning of the system will be tested.
  • It is equipped with many Meteorological Sensors such as Radar Vertical Wind Profiler, Automatic Weather Observation System,Transmissometer, and Ceilometer.

Space X Successfully Launched a Used Rocket.

  • The Falcon 9 rocket which was already used, was successfully launched at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  • It carried communications satellite of Luxembourg-based company SES into the Earth’s orbit.
  • The SES-10 satellite was sentinto geostationary orbit, at an altitude 35,000 kilometers present above Earth.
  • This rocket was previously used in April 2016 for Dragon cargo ship.
  • Reuse of rocket parts is the first time in the space exploration history.

The Centre Signs Deal for Hydrocarbon Project in Neduvasal

The Central Government has signed an agreement with GEM laboratories for extracting Hydrocarbons at Neduvasal, in Tamil Nadu. This is part of the contract bid at the Discovered Small Fields (DSF) Bid 2016. It is one of the 31 areas under the Discovered Small Fields (DSF) Bid Round 2016.

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