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March 28th 2017 Science and Technology Current Affairs

A Power Nap of Twenty Minutes in the Afternoon will increase the Employees’ Creativity and Work Quality

  • According to a study made by British scientists, a 20 minutes nap in the afternoon will boost employees’ problem-solving ability and creativity in the work.
  • They also concluded that the power nap would reduce the risk of depression, diabetes and heart problems.
  • Power naps will help in rebalancing the immune system which keeps the body healthy.

France will Host the World’s First Nano Car Race

  • Scientists are organising the world’s first nanocar race in France.
  • National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France is organising this international molecule-car race.
  • In this race,tiny molecular machines will compete against each other on a racecourse made of gold atoms.
  • The vehicles will be made up of few hundred atoms and are powered by minute electrical pulses.
  • The race will be of 36 hours’duration of the race and race course which is made up of gold will be 100 nanometers in length.
  • This race will be broadcasted live on the YouTube Nanocar Race channel.
  • This race creates a platform for the researchers to have international exposure and as the race in conducted in real time, it is easy to test the performance of nano vehicles and the instruments that control them.
  • The race will be viewed by using a scanning tunnelling microscope.
  • The CEMES-CNRS is a multi-tip electron microscope and is the only microscope than can view four different experimenters on the same surface.
  • This type multi-tip microscopes will help in synchronising a number of molecule-machines.

National Conference on Down Syndrome

  • National Conference on Down Syndrome was inaugurated in New Delhi.
  • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJE) organised this conference along with the National Trust for the Welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities in collaboration with Muskaan.
  • This conference gave a call to the people to help and support Persons with Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome

  • Down Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality or disorder associated mainly with intellectual and learning disabilities.
  • Persons having Down Syndrome will be having on chromosome extra,e., 47 instead of 46 in normal people.
  • This chromosomal abnormality affects theneurological functioning of the child.
  • It slows down learning process and intellectual functions of thebrain.
  • However, a loving family, Good schooling, learning,, make them grow up to be responsible, and cheerful persons.
  • Accepting and respecting their mental status by the family or community is a big support to their growth and development.

This year India will have below Normal Monsoon

  • Skymet is a private weather forecasting agency in India.
  • It forecasted that the monsoon would be below normal in this year and the western part of India is more likely to experience deficient rainfall.
  • It also forecasted that pre-monsoon rains would be less than normal during April which would lead to heating of the landmass.
  • For farmers in the country, this year monsoon will make another difficult
  • El Nino is being attributed as the main reason for the weak monsoon this year.
  • However, another private weather forecasting agency has predicted that El Nino will be havinga negative impact onsouth-west monsoon also.
  • Still, India Meteorological Department (IMD) has to release its monsoon forecast next month.
  • Monsoon period’s first half may have better rainfall than the latterhalf, and hence farm activities may pick up thepace by may
  • As per the forecast, Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal are likely to see normalor average level monsoon rains throughout the season.
  • But, regions like Konkan and Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu may receive below average rainfall.

Property Details will be Digitalized and will be Given a 10-Digit Unique Number

  • The existing current PID system includes a ward number or street number with a door number of the property.
  • However, the government intends to introduce geo-referenced 10-digit unique number for the property.
  • This number which will be having the information of latitude and longitude of the property and will act as the addressfor the property.
  • The 10-digit system will be free from errors and will not accept a wrong PID which makes tax payment easy and non-confusing.
  • Assigning this type of new numbers was recommended by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Restructuring Committee.
  • This number will replace the Property Identification (PID) number that is not geo-referenced.
  • However, this 10-digit system will give scope only for 100 lakh properties to assign the number.
  • Currently, in Singapore, citizens’ address is noted by this type of geo-referenced unique property number.

World’s largest ‘artificial sun’

  • German scientists of Aerospace Centre (DLR) have switched on world’s largest artificial sun.
  • This is hoped to shed light on designing new climate or environmental or eco-friendly fuels.
  • The artificial sun looks like a giant honeycomb comprising 149 spotlights, and it is officially named as sunlight.
  • It uses xenon short-arc lamps to produce intense light.
  • Usually, these lamps are used to simulate natural sunlight for movies or cinemas.
  • This type of lamps will often in short supply in some seasons.
  • The entire array of the lampsis focussed on a single 8x8inch spot by which the scientists are able to produce 10,000 times the amount of solar radiation that the same area on the sun would produce.
  • The instrument generated a temperature of 3,500°C
  • The main aim of this experiment is to set up optimal conditions for a power reaction for the production of hydrogen fuel.
  • The Sunlight experiment with necessary modifications could be used to extract hydrogen from water vapour, and this hydrogen can be used as a fuel source for cars and aeroplanes.
  • In the universe, Hydrogen is the most common element.
  • However, uncombined or free hydrogen gas is rare on earth.
  • A simple way of manufacturing hydrogen is electrolysis of water.
  • Many researchers and scientists believe that sun light can be used to replace electricity in the production of Hydrogen which is energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Hydrogen is considered as the best and future fuel as theburning of hydrogen will not produce any greenhouse gases or carbon emissions and will not be a factor for global warming.
  • The negative aspect of this experiment is the huge consumption of electricity by the equipment, and the experiment costs three million pounds.

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