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March 18th 2017 Science and Technology Current Affairs

U.K Government Grants Licence to Create 3-Parent Babies

  • Britain’s Fertility regulator of the British government has granted licence the doctors of U.K. to create three-parent babies using IVF technique.
  • The main motto behind this is to prevent inherited genetic diseases.
  • Sofar only one known baby was born in 2016 with this technique by using mitochondrial transfer
  • This was achieved by the U.S. doctors at a clinic in Mexico.
  • The treatment is also known as “three-parent” IVF.
  • In this technique, the embryos will be genetically modified such that it will have DNA from a mother, a father and mitochondria from a woman donor.
  • This technique can help families having ahistory of mitochondrial diseases.

Airbus Training Center will be set up in New Delhi

  • Airbus is going to set up a greenfield training facility at Aerocity in New Delhi.
  • Its main aim is to support India’s need for Airbus aircraft pilots and maintenance engineers.
  • India is one of the fastest growing domestic aviation markets in the world
  • It is expected to grow at 9.3% per year over the next 20 years which is far ahead of the world average of 4.6%.
  • Airbus forecastedthat more than 1,600 new passengers and freighter aircraftwould be required by 2035.
  • This increase in Indian in-service aircraft fleet will create a need for more than 24,000 new pilots and maintenance engineers.
  • To match this growth, the availability of skilled pilots and maintenance engineers must be adequate.
  • Airbus’ pilot and maintenance engineering training centre will help in augmenting the talent pool for the Indian aviation sector.
  • However, this centre will cater mainly to Airbus operators in India.
  • Airbus has more than 250 aircraft in India, and more than 570 are on order by the Indian airlines.
  • According to the sources, Airbus will start with an initial capacity to train 200 maintenance engineers and 800 pilots annually.

Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) in Asia’s top 50 Universities

Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) has been ranked 27thamong the best universities in TheTimes Higher Education (THE) has conducted the survey for the year 2017. IISC is the top University known for research in India. The survey ranked IIT Bombay at 42 position.

Word Bank Grants $175 Million for National Hydrology Project

The World Bank has approved loan worth Rs. $175 millionfor India’s prestigious Hydrology Project to improve its ability in predicting floods through forecast. Hence, it reduces the risk involved and allows the government to take measures to prevent any major loss to life and property.

This loan has been approved by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) with a total maturity period of 23 years and six years of grace period for which no interest levied. The central government has approved the project in April 2016, it is wholly a project of centre with an outlay of Rs 3679 crore. Further, the World Bank Board has approved the project. Rs. 39 crores will be allocated for National Water Informatics Centre, to procure data of water resources in India and maintain the repository.

The project aims to strengthen the accessibility of water resources, support system, and improve resource planning institutions in India. The funds will be infused in the States along the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers. The flood forecast systems under this project will give exact picture of reservoir managers and situation of water in the region.The flood warnings will be issued at early stage which helps the administrations to take appropriate measures. If the system is used effectively, it could save hundreds of lives and $65 million a year. It also enhances to improve the condition of existing institutions in the country. NHL helps all states monitor of the hydro-meteorological cycle and plan against flooding and droughts due to uncertainties of climate change.

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