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March 15th 2017 E-Governance & Public Administration Current Affairs

Karnataka Announces Rs10-Crore Fund for Women Entrepreneurs

1) Karnataka Government has announced of Rs10 crore for women entrepreneurs under the Idea POC (Proof of Concept) scheme.

2)The State’s IT department under its startup policy created Idea 2Poc Fund.

3)The Scheme aims to fund up to Rs. 50 lakh for woman innovator in the manufacturing of Pilot devices. The funds extend to concept certification, validation and manufacturing.

Telangana CM Announces ‘KCR-Kit’ for Women

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced an innovative scheme to women in the State. Under the scheme, ‘KCR-Kit’ expectant mothers and new-born babies will be provided with a kit containing essential things for three months. The Government is going to spend Rs.605 crores for the scheme.

Executive Committee of Clean Ganga Project Approves 1900 Crores for Projects

1)   The executive committee (EC) of Clean Ganga project has approved Rs.1900 crore for the 20 projects.

2)    The Central Government will fund all the development work.

3)    The funds worth Rs. 415 crores will be allotted for sewage treatment plants and maintenance, up gradation in Haridwar.

4)    The projects also involve reduction of pollution at Alakananda rivers and diversion of drains at – Joshimath, Rudraprayag, Karnprayag and Kirti Nagar.

5)    Rishikesh is allotted Rs.158 crores for pollution abatement.

6)    For creating sewage plant in National Capital OkhlaRs. 665 crores are allocated.

7)    For Sewage related works in Karmalichak in Patna and Rajmahal in Jharkhand Rs, 335 crores have been allotted.

8)    To address the issue of polluted water in Varanasi, a project under Hybrid-Annuity PPP model worth Rs 151 crore is approved.

AIADMK Launches AmmaAravinapp for Women Safety App ‘AmmavinAran’

Tamil Nadu Government has launched an app to safeguard women during unsafe conditions in the society. The app known as ‘AmmavinAran’ means ‘mother’s fortress’. The App provides women with the details of nearest police station and hospital including contact number and directions to the station. The app also creates a loud noise to alert the surroundings when the user clicks in a distress. It has the features of call recording and important tips to safe guard during unsafe conditions.

Highlights of Karnataka Budget

Karnataka Government, presenting its Budget on March 15, 2017, introduced many attractive schemes on the similar lines of Tamil Nadu Government to woo the voters.

The important schemes of the budget are:

1)    Setting up “Namma canteen” to serve breakfast and Lunch for Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 respectively. Saviruchi mobile canteens will be introduced in all the districts of the State.

2)    Free water to water to slums every month (Up to 10,000 liters of water).

3)    Free laptops for Polytechnic, medical and engineering (1st year students).

4)    “Yuva Yuga” scheme to train 1.10 lakh people in the technology sector.

5)    Under the Anna Bhagya scheme food grains distribution increased from current 5 kg to 7 kg per person.

6)    The Government will regulate entry fees in Multiplex.

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