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April 10th 2017 E-Governance & Public Administration Current Affairs

Two-Child Norm Tied to Government Jobs in the New Draft of Population Policy of Assam

  • The government of Assam had released the new draft population policy.
  • As per this policy, people with more than two children will be denied Government jobs.
  • The government employees need to limit their number of children to two till the end of the service.
  • According to the policy, this two children norm will be applicable even for the government schemes and benefits such as thegrant of houses,tractors, and for other government
  • This policy will be applicable to the candidates contesting in elections under the purview of State Election Commission such as elections to municipal bodies, panchayats, state councils, etc.
  • This policy aims free education up to university level for all the girls in the state.
  • This includes facilities like fees, transportation, books and mess dues in hostels. This step is likely to arrest the school dropout rate.
  • People who had child marriage will also be not eligible for agovernment
  • This policy proposed to establish a State Population Research Center and State Population Council in the state.

Aadhaar Must for the Web Access to the Maps Developed by Survey of India 

  • The Survey of India is the oldest scientific organization in India, and it was established in 1767.
  • It is the official maker of maps in our country and the maps prepared by the Survey of India are considered as standard maps.
  • These maps are used as astandard
  • It prepares maps for military and civil purposes.
  • Survey of India advises Government of India on survey matters like Mapping, Geodesy, Photogrammetry, and Map Reproduction.
  • It has started a web portal namely Nakshe.
  • Through this web portal,any one can download 3,000 of its 7,000 maps for free.
  • These maps will help all the residents in villages and panchayats to access geographical information.
  • However, to download these maps on must provide their Aadhar number.

There is a Need for Innovative Modes of Funding for Healthcare Sector Development: PwC Report

  • The government of India spends about 1.5% of its GDP on the healthcare sector.
  • This is the least among the developing countries.
  • A Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)-PwC in its report identified some important issues.
  • It proposed some reforms to resolve these issues such as public private partnership in health care sector, FDI, use of Pension fund, etc.

Centrally Sponsored Schemes Reduced to 28 from 66

  • The government has drastically reduced the number of centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) from 66 by merging them into 28 umbrella schemes.
  • On10 April 2017, only 28 CSS were active.
  • Among the 28 schemes,6 schemes were categorized as Core of the Core, while twenty schemes were categorized into Core Schemes and two as Optional Schemes.

NITI Aayog to Finalize 3-Year Action Plan

  • NitiAayog, our Government think-tank is at the final stage of finalizing a 3-year action plan along with the 15-year vision document for the country.
  • NitiAayog will also draft a seven year strategy document, and it will be released along with the above stated

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