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Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

Here we give various categories of current affairs to build your preparation for competitive Exams like Banking,UPSC,SSC,Army,Navy,Police and Forest jobs.

February 2018 – Current Affairs Today

February 23rd 2018 Current Affairs
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A general development or event of social or political interest in the society and current happenings around the world or the surroundings and worldly affairs is called Current affairs (CA). Current affairs (CA) is one of the important parts of question papers that are asked in almost all the competitive examinations. Thorough knowledge on CA can help the aspirants to get maximum marks, which gives an edge to qualify the competitive exam. The current affairs can be easily picked from the newspapers, magazines and various other sources. Moreover, many sources are available which provides the important events chronologically and topic wise.

Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

Most of the aspirants neglect this area, despite the availability of vast resources. Due to lack of interest in reading newspapers, current happenings, and general things, several aspirants will not keep an eye on CA.There are numerous candidates who missed an opportunity, even after securing good marks in other areas. Here, Drona learning solutions provides you complete information on all sections of the current affairs to help candidates to have good knowledge on the current affairs. Due to the growing number of applicants for government jobs and the increased competition, the recruitment process has become tough and rigorous. Most of the competitive exams ask questions that are more analytical than factual.

For all the examinations, Drona covers all the major topics for currents affairs. The importance of current affairs is also tied with the kind of examination. For instance, banking examination demands knowledge of economics and banking sector is crucial. However, Drona provides study material on all the topics that include, Sports, Politics, Science and Technology, E-Governance, Books and Authors, Art and Culture, Business and Economy, and International Relations.

Candidates preparing for banking exams should read business related updates, for Reserve Bank of India releases, some banking terminology, market developments, acquisitions and all the updates of businesses. All the examinations conducted by IBPS for clerks, office assistants, POs, etc., there should be knowledge of current banking industry. For state PSCs and other state level examinations current affairs related to all the segments at the state level are important. For UPSC, RRB, SSC, and other central government jobs current affairs on national polity, national and international economics, international relations, summits, major events, etc., are important.

Business and Economy

A day for a common man or a billionaire starts with the use of goods or monetary transactions which are economic aspects of life.  “The nature & causes of wealth of the Nations” is the books written by Adam Smith. He is considered as the Father of Modern Economics, and it dealt with the wealth aspect of the economy. Economics as a branch of social science deals with how people use their resources in the most efficient way. However, in the present context, Economics not only deals with managing money or finance but also with the international financial and commercial relations. Learning economics helps us to understand how economies work whether in a family, or society, or government and even between governments. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are the subdivisions of the Economics.

In the current competitive exams scenario, most of the government job exams are focusing on the current dynamic aspects of the state or country or the world. Business and Economics is one of the most dynamic and technical aspects of current affairs. It is also interrelated with many of the governance aspects. Hence, good and in-depth knowledge on the current economy is a need for the aspirants of the government jobs. Studying and understanding the present economic scenario helps the aspirants to easily under the government’s fiscal policies, the rationale behind the government schemes, governance, etc., which are frequently asked in the state government competitive exams. Understanding Bussiness and economics also helps in understanding interstate or state & Union or international relations. It also helps in analysing the trade and commerce and the need for policies to streamline them, international trade and their policies, fiscal policies of the country and its effect on common man, etc., and these topics are frequently asked in central government competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, etc.

Due to the growing awareness and the use of technology in the banking sector, the majority of the country population are using Banking services. Even the recruitment of staff for the banks has been streamlined. Currently, IBPS is conducting competitive exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, etc., for recruiting bank staff. Even some popular banks like SBI, NABARD, RBI, IDBI, SIDBI, etc., also recruits staff through competitive exams. Question on the banking industry and their policies will be asked in these exams. To understand banking structure, banking concepts, banking policies and international banking system one should have a sound knowledge of Business and Economics.


In most of the competitive exams, some questions are being asked about sports. Hence, there is a need to get updated about the sports and its related events. Moreover, the updates and knowledge related to sports will be less when compared with other components of current affairs. It makes easy to remember all the sports updates. However, in some competitive exams, the questions about sports will be in depth.

The most probable questions that may be asked in the exams are first about any world cups happened recently and about their winners and runners. The country in which these world cups took place and the years and places when and where these world cups are going to be held. The next important type of questions will be like which trophy is related to which game or they will be given keywords and will ask in which game these words are used.

In some competitive exams, the measure of the ground or the measurements of the sports or game related tools will be asked. Even the timings of games or sports will be asked. Chances will be more for the questions about a particular tournament if any controversy occurs in it. It is better to have an idea about the world records that were recently set up by the players, as these types of questions are frequently asked in the exams.

Very rarely question on the origin of the sports or games is asked in the exams, for example, Cricket in England, Chess in India, etc. Even though this type of questions is not that much important, they will be asked once in a while in some competitive exams. Sports related questions are frequently asked in some Central government exams like UPSC exams, SSC exams, NDA exams like Army, Navy, Airforce, State PSCs, Bank exams, etc. In this section of Drona, all the sports related updates are given.

Person’s in News

In almost all the competitive exams for government jobs in India, one or two direct questions will be asked about a person who had made a headline or side line in the newspaper. Recently appointed persons to crucial positions are frequently asked in the government job exams. For example, recently appointed the chairman of some central government boards, chief justice of India, Union ministers, chief ministers, etc.

Persons who have received prestigious prizes of national or international level are also of prime importance. An eye on Noble laurates will be very handy in most of the competitive exams. Names of Chairman of committees which are constituted by central government are also asked in the competitive exam. In bank exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, NABARD, SIDBI, IDBI, etc., newly appointed CEOs are frequently asked. CEOs of new banks like Bharatiya Mahila Bank are also asked.

Eminent personalities like freedom fighters, great leaders are also important if their birth or death anniversary completes silver or golden or diamond or platinum jubilee in the current year. This kind of questions is mainly asked in central government exams like UPSC, SSC, and state PSCs.

E-Governance & Public Administration

Electronic governance which is popularly called as e-governance is nothing but the use of information and communication technology (ICT) by the government to provide its services. It can range from government-to-customer/Citizen (G2C), government-to-government (G2G), government-to-business/ (G2B), and interactions within the government framework. Government through e-governance provides its services to citizens and this will help in increasing the convenience, efficiency and transparency in delivering government services.

Questions related to governance especially e-governance and public administration are very important in the government job exams point of view. All the exams like Bank exams, central government job exams, state government job exams, etc., will contain questions on e-governance and public administration. Government, as well as people, are ambitious about this e-governance. Government job aspirants must have knowledge on the governance and public administration at the state level and central level.

Understanding e-governance & public administration and having sound knowledge on this subject will also help in understanding the political aspects at the state and central level. Generally, the questions from this topic will be regarding government schemes, their starting date or ending date, their stating venue, new software or technologies adopted by the government, etc. For civil service aspirants, public administration is also one of the optional that aspirants can choose for the mains examination.


Political science as a subject, deals with the systems of governments, political activities, political behavior and political thoughts in theory and practice. It also deals with the distribution of power and resources. Politics is a process of making decisions for governance and distribution of power and resources in a human community or state in the current scenario, a state.

Many questions from politics will be asked in the government job competitive exams. For example, in UPSC prelims many questions will be asked from politics. Candidates must focus on the structure of parliament and assembly in India. Polity by Lakshmikanth gives a good overview of Indian polity. For government job aspirants, it is very much essential to understand the Indian constitution framework.

For some central government exams like UPSC civil services, SSC, etc., candidates need to remember articles and schedules of Indian constitution. Here in Drona, shortcuts and mnemonics are given to remember them. Questions on constitutional amendments will be asked in most of the state government job exams. Aspirants must remember some important constitutional amendments as the probability of asking about these amendment is high. Another important aspect in politics that questions are asked in exams are who appoints candidates for a particular position such as who appoints a chief justice of India, Lok Sabha Speaker, High Court judges, etc.

Aspirants need to keep up to date with the dynamic part of politics i.e., current politics, such as division of states and what articles and schedules are based for that; recent amendments, various motions in parliament, recent bills passed in parliament or assembly, formation or termination of various constitutional bodies like Planning Commission, NITI ayog, etc. Recent political updates that are related to Fundamental rights, fundamental duties, directive principles of state policy, the preamble of our constitution, etc., must be given top priority for government job exams.

Books and Authors

In competitive exams, especially for government jobs one or two direct questions will be asked regarding books and authors. Autobiographies of famous personalities should be given prime importance, and Biographies of high successful persons in various fields are also important. Keeping an eye on the details like author, his nationality, theme of the book, etc., for the Books that won international awards like Nobel Prize in Literature, Neustadt International Prize for Literature, America Award, Franz Kafka Prize, Man Booker International Prize, The Warwick Prize for Writing, Jan Michalski Prize for Literature, International Rubery Book Award, KONS International Literary Award, Windham–Campbell Literature Prize, etc., will be very handy for almost all the competitive exams.

Even in the bank exams like SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, NABARD, IDBI, SIDBI, etc., a question related to books and authors are being asked. Books written by eminent personalities like freedom fighters, great leaders, sport or game legends, etc., even in local languages should be kept in mind for the competitive exam preparation. Books that rose controversy are also important from the exam point of view. Generally, in State PSCs, SSC exams, UPSC exams, the question on books and authors will be asked.   

Science and Technology

Questions regarding science and technology are being asked in all the competitive exams for government jobs. Recent inventions, discoveries, scientific breakthroughs are gunshot questions in many of the competitive exams in India.  Due to advance of human race in science and technology the number of new discoveries and inventions are increasing at rapid pace. Henceforth, the number to questions in the competitive exams regarding science and technology also increased.

Question related to biology such as recent breakout of epidemic diseases, new viral strains or diseases like Ebola virus, drug resistant bacteria, new antibiotics, etc., are being asked in many competitive exams. An eye on recent drug discoveries, species discovery, virus or bacterial forms that are high resistant will be very useful in most of the competitive exams. Any ongoing world famous projects like Human genome project, should be considered while preparing for the competitive exam.

Questions on emerging technologies like Nanotechnology, Nano medicine, gene therapies, any government schemes related to science and technology are also important for government job exams. Collaborations of various countries in high level research projects should also be considered while preparing for exams. For defense and other central government exams technologies recently adopted by our armed forces viz., Indian Air force, Indian Navy and Indian army are also important. The question will be like which technology is used radars or guiding missiles, etc.

Recently, by its Mars mission India has made a big leap forward in space technology. So, aspirants need to keep an eye on the technologies, recent satellite it has sent, about ISRO, etc. New technologies such as Li-fi, ICT, etc., that are developed recently by the scientist are also having high probability of being asked in the government job exams. Aspirants must keep a  track on drona for current affair updates that are important from the exam point of view.

International Relations

For central government job exams like UPSC, SSC, etc., international relations topic is very important. Some questions from this topic will be sure and India Year book a book published by Publication division of India provides good insights in to this topic. Much of the questions will be from the memberships of the international associations like SAARC, NATO, ASEAN, WTO, etc.

Questions related to the projects and allegations between two countries regarding international rivers are also very important. Questions on different international summits, their venue and their outcomes are also important form exam point of view. International banks like BRICS, ADB, etc., their chairpersons, their founder members and their shares are also important. Another important aspect of international relations is defense ties, which became crucial for India due to hostile neighbors like China and Pakistan. Reports of some international NGO organizations like Amnesty, and other organisations like WEF, etc., are very important from the exam point of view.

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