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Indian Navy Recruitment 2018 Notifications

Start DatePost Name Vacancies/ QualificationLast Date More info
01.05.2018Erstwhile Fireman Gr.I & II Posts in Naval Dockyard Mumbai95/ Graduation19th May 2018 More Details
01.03.2018 Group C Fireman, Cook & Bearer Posts in Southern Naval Command Kochi74/ Degree27th March 2018 More Details
01.02.2018 Navy Officer (SSC) Posts in Indian Navy 38/ Diploma10th February 2018 More Details
25.01.2018 NDA & NA (Army, Navy & Air Force) Posts in UPSC 415/ Graduation05th February 2018 More Details

Indian maritime history is one of the oldest on the Earth. Its history started 5,000 years ago, and the world’s first tidal dock was built at Lothal during the period of Indus Valley Civilisation. Matsya Yantra, a compass was used by Indians for navigation during the 4th and 5th century AD. Even there is a reference to side wings of a vessel termed as Plava. These wings were placed to give stability to the vessel under storm conditions. Cholas, Mauryas, Satavahanas, etc., used the Sea routes to the neighboring countries for trading purpose. Sea trade flourished even during the period of Vijayanagara, Maratha, Kalinga, and Mughal empires.  The Cholas were known for their maritime activity & foreign trade and they extended their influence to China and other countries of Southeast Asia.

The lineage of the current Indian Navy can be traced back to 1612 when the East India Company’s Marine was founded to protect the British merchant shipping in the Indian region. In 1830 the colonial navy came under the British crown, and it became Her Majesty’s Indian Navy. After India became a republic country in 1950, the name Royal Indian Navy named during 1934 had been renamed to Indian Navy. This type of informative content can be found on Drona website. The Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is considered as the ‘Father of the Indian Navy.

The Bharatiya Nau Sena or current Indian Navy is fifth largest navy in the world and is the naval branch of Indian Armed Forces which is under the central government. The President of the country acts as its Supreme Commander, and the Chief of Naval Staff with an Admiral rank commands the navy. The primary objective of the Indian navy is to secure India’s maritime borders and to enhance international relations through port visits, joint exercises, and humanitarian missions. During the recent years, the Indian Navy has undergone a rapid modernization. Most of the aging equipment is replaced and is often considered as a part of “India’s drive” which is intended to develop its capability in blue-water.

Currently, the Indian Navy has 67,109 personnel and large operational fleet consisting of four fleet tankers, one amphibious transport dock, one aircraft carriers, eight landing ship tanks, 14 frigates, 11 destroyers, 13 conventionally powered attack submarines, one ballistic missile submarine, one nuclear-powered attack submarine, six mine countermeasure vessels, 23 corvettes, 29 patrol vessels, and various other auxiliary vessels. The Indian navy jobs are central government jobsIndian Navy recruits eligible candidates to train and induct them into various positions such as Sailors, MR (Chef, Steward MR), NMR (Sanitary Hygienist), Sanitary Hygienist (NMR), Matric Recruits (MUSICIAN), Medical officers, Airborne Tactician (Observer), Logistics Officer, etc.

The recruitment of eligible candidates will be done through various modes. One of the important competitive exams for the entry into navy is NDA and CDSE. The similar type of recruitment procedure also exists for the jobs in Indian Airforce and Indian Army. Aspiring candidates can also enter into the services through Short Service Commission or Direct Entry Permanent Commission. A thorough knowledge of Current affairs and General Knowledge is necessary to qualify for the jobs. Another important way to enter into naval services is the University Entry Scheme and the candidates having the National Cadet Corps (NCC) certificate have to directly apply the for the vacancies however the NCC candidates should attend the tests conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB). 

Other important posts in the navy are Naval Armament Inspection Officer, IT Officer, Air Traffic Control Officers, Musicians (officers in the rank of Sub-Lieutenant), Sports Officers (Officers in the rank of Sub-Lieutenant), Officer in the Dept Of JAG (Navy), Pilots, General Executive Officers, Hydrographic Officer, Education Officers, Engineers for general service, Engineers for submarine, Engineers for Naval Architecture, Submarine Technical Officer, Electrical Officer, etc. More information about these jobs can be found on the official website of Navy.

Drona provides comprehensive information on the process of recruitment and also provides tips to crack the exams of all most all the government jobs. It provides complete information on the recruitment process of central govt jobs like Banking, Indian Postal Department, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, Indian Army, Railways(RRB), Insurance, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Food Corporation of India, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), etc.

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